• Lindura Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    a revolution in flooring!

What is Wood Powder?

Wood powder is a combination of real wood fibers and minerals. During the production process, it is applied to the top surface of the core board just prior to the pressing of the hardwood top layer. The pressing process, which incorporates heat and pressure, liquefies the wood powder compound which infuses into the pores of the hardwood veneer creating a durable, hard wearing engineered floor while maintaining all the natural characteristics and beauty of each unique wood species. This production process makes Lindura one of the durable, hard wearing, easily maintained flooring available!

What makes wood powder and Lindura so special?

Wood powder is a unique and innovative technology that is market changing

Lindura is ideal for the modern, active family with kids, rolling toys, pets, high heels etc.

Lindura (wood powder) makes even softer woods like walnut able to stand up to the punishing wear and tear.

Lindura is perfect for high traffic commercial areas.

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